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  Optilink Electrical and Communications - Branded Vehicle
Optilink Services
An independent organisation.

At Optilink we’ve chosen to align our business with the very best of specific vendors and products to enable us to focus on providing a dependable yet flexible solution for your projects.
Quality, Warrantees and Price alway come into consideration when it come down to providing the materials for our clients projects. We wont compromise those attributes, we’ll discuss it with you so you understand the pro’s and con’s.
What’s in it for you? You can be sure that we keep you in the loop and that you’ll be well informed of what your receiving and what’s being undertaken on your project.
Optilink can assure you, that you’ll receive the very best customised solution you require.

Service, Maintenance & Callouts

Preventative Maintenance

Voice, Data & Fibre Optics

Commercial Installations

Industrial Installations

Home Customisation & Audio

Electrical Safety & Smoke Alarms

Synchronised and Automated Clock Systems

Landscape, Parks & Warehouse Lighting

Real Estates