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OptiSmart is a division of OptiGroup Pty Ltd and was established primarily to meet the demand for a service that offered a solution on how to utilise electricity more efficiently to reduce the impact of high electricity costs. OptiSmart boasts more than 20years experience in lowering electricity consumption for the end user. We have an affiliation with the National Electrical & Communications Association (NECA) and accredited with EcoSmart Electricians

OptiSmart have a vast network of suppliers and resources in the areas of green energy. LED Lighting, timed lighting & equipment control systems, solar panels and dimmers can all drastically reduce energy consumption while adding value to your home or business

Let us show you how…….

Overview Why OptiSmart Benefits Step into the Future You can Expect

Ok Ok we all want to save the planet. But when you couple that important desire with cost savings over time, surely the temptation is greater than ever.

Balancing the business budget is alway an arduous task or finding that surprise bill in the letter box for your electricity is a stressful time and generally your going through your mind thinking what has made this happen or what can we do to reduce our usage

Whether you’re embarking on a new or existing installation project for a residential or business premises, chances are you have not considered the impact your decisions could have on your electricity bill. If you would like to increase the electrical efficiency of your residential or business premises, OptiSmart can offer a solution to reduce and manage your electricity consumption, saving you money.