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OptiSkills is proud to be affiliated with IKON LIFTING EQUIPMENT and STERTIL KONI in providing the latest technology in quality and safety Lifting Products to this industry.
Our involvement in products such as the Wireless Column Lifts and Sky Lifts by STERTIL KONI in particular have been one of the success stories to our business and to be associated in providing this equipment to many business in both assembly and servicing we can only relay that this equipment being a leader in it’s industry.

STERTIL KONI Wireless Column Hoists

Bus Column Hoist

Stertil Koni Mobile Column Lifts

Stertil Koni Mobile column lifts are designed with the user in mind. Ease of operation, reliable technology and extensive safety features are incorporated into the design.
It’s not without reason that Stertil Koni Mobile Column lifts are the best-selling lifts worldwide.

Wireless Models – Wireless efficiency, superior control

• Available in 6.000 – 7.250 – 8.200 and 10.000 Kg per column
• No communication cables connecting the columns
• 20 full cycles under full load without re-charge.
• Up to 8 columns in a set
• Control unit one each column
• Easy re-charging with 220Volt outlets
• 24 VDC with built-in re-charging system
• OSD (on screen display)
• Programmable features including automatic height reference setting and multi-lingual operation

Earth Lift Wireless Models

Active Energy Retrieval Up to 35% more lifting efficiency
• The ‘green ‘ standard in lifting technology
• No communication cables connecting the columns
• Uses gravity to retain energy
• Up to 8 columns in a set
• Capacity 8.200 Kg per column
• Made of components that are 98% recyclable
• The patented Active Energy Retrieval System increases the number of lifting cycles
• 28 full cycles under full load without re-charge
• Safe working conditions because of the absence of cables
• Variable raising and lowering speeds for positioning the vehicle extremely accurately


Stertil Koni Skylift


State-of–the–Art technology
• Models available from 20,000 up to 70,000 Kg.
• Space: vertical lifting with absence of cross beams and posts
• Highest Safety: locking from floor level
• Easy Access: Clear floor access from all sides allows no obstructions for axle stands, wheel dollies, etc….
• Flexible: for lifting articulated buses, trucks with semi-trailers and articulated units, connected versions are available
• Track Lengths: available lengths from 7 up to 33metres per configuration setup
• Available in surface mounted and flush mounted versions

Truck Hoist

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