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Anyone that receives an electricity bill can benefit from engaging our services, both residential households and business owners.

Business Owners

For business owners and organisations we look at the following equipment and energy saving activities that your organisation may have and in which your business can benefit from having in place within your electrical system.

  • Lighting / Hot Water / Boiling Hot Water Units /Solar / Refrigeration / Air Conditioning / Power Factor Correction / Harmonic Filtering / Motors and Pumps / Machinery / Business Equipment / Cooking Appliances

One aspect of our Energy Saving Activity OptiSmart looks at is Lighting. Changing your existing lighting to either Fluorescent or LED can generate a saving.
Did you know currently under the NSW Energy Saving Scheme that is administered by IPART there are significant financial rewards and incentives for organisations to invest in Energy Saving Activities.
The scheme provides a structure for the creation of energy saving certificates (ESC’s) for any Recognised Energy Saving Activity (RESA). An ESC is equivalent to 1 tonne of carbon dioxide (Equivalent) which is equal to 1.06 Megawatt hours of energy used.

ESC = TCO2eq = 1.06xMWh

After administrating an RESA an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP) creates and registers the ESC’s on the Scheme Registry and then can trade and sell to Liable Entities who have an obligation to meet a predetermined savings quota. There are substantial audit and record keeping requirements that an ACP is responsible for specific to each RESA.

The Scheme is not recognised by most electrical contracting organisations, and although OptiSmart is not an ACP, OptiSmart can look after this for you. We are affiliated with ACP’S that can do all the paperwork together with our proposals, OptiSmart can offer these Rebates together through our ACP’s giving you a kick start to Energy Saving and ultimately a saving to your business.

For more details on the NSW Energy Saving Scheme please visit www.ess.nsw.gov.au

OptiSmarts proposals will include the calculation of energy saving estimates and the cost of implementation. A return on investment summery is provided including and estimate on the credit likely to be obtained after trading ESC’s created on completion.

Under the Scheme there is compliance requirement to ensure environment disposal of your old lamps and any old light fittings that we replace as well as a requirement to meet minimum lighting service levels with the new energy saving light fittings all in which OptiSmart can address without you lifting a finger.

OptiSmart has been quite active in relaying these savings to our existing clientele and with fantastic results.

Residential Households

For home owners we look at the following equipment and energy saving activities that you may have and in which you can benefit from having in place within your electrical system.

  • Lighting / Hot Water / Cooking Appliances / Swimming Pool and Spa’s / Washing Machine / Clothes Dryer / Refrigeration / Life Style Appliances